Welcome to Chelmsford Drive Early Learning Centre

We create a home away from home where kids are free to be kids
Newly owned and operated by Maitland Christian School

We have 4 Rooms Available


0 – 2 year olds


2 – 3 year olds


3 – 4 year olds


4 – 5 year olds

Our Programs
We offer a Play-based learning curriculum that benefits the children in many ways including:

During pre-school years, a child’s vocabulary grows and develops as they play together with peers and interact with adults.

Why Choose Us

Bush Kinder
Bush Kinder develops play through activities like tree climbing building respect/ understanding of the natural world – regular opportunities to play in natural spaces, dig in the dirt, go on bushwalks, climb trees, hunt for bugs, splash in puddles. Gross motor skills are developed as children manoeuvre around obstacles, roll down hills and run in wide open spaces. Learning to build awareness of moving safely through our community is a key skill.

Preparing kids for School and life:
We provide a safe and welcoming environment for all families and educators where teachers are supportive of all children including their interests and abilities regardless of their background. Each child is fostered and respected where children of all ages play together, forming strong social networks and friendships. We promote healthy early childhood development, which is an opportunity to make a difference in your child’s life and set them up for life at School. Not only do we teach the children but immerses them with love and kindness.

Home away from home:
Many children spend multiple days in care. Doing things that children might do at home or things that parents don’t get time to do with children are important aspects of what we do. Some concepts we explore are:

  • “Many hands make light work” day – builds togetherness/connection, respect for others and builds responsibility.
  • We have fun – relaxed atmosphere where are allowed to be children with the freedom to be a kid through tasks such as:
  • Water hose fun
  • Mud pits – messy play
  • Trips to the playground for picnics
  • Cooking experiences
  • Dress up and disco days
  • Puddle jumping
  • Dancing in the rain
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41 Chelmsford Dr, Metford NSW 2323


(02) 4933 2397


6:30am – 6:00pm

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